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We’re gonna vet like it’s 2022!

Stuck in the past?

That’s the power of collab. AAHA & Petabyte Technology are partnering up to make good on our promise to better vet med. So, hop in our DeLorean and buckle your seat belt. Cause when this baby hits your veterinary practice, you’re going to see some serious…

Business grows where the industry goes. We’re bringing veterinary medicine into the future with vet software that prioritizes good data and even better analytics. AAHA Benchmarking analyzes normalized data from practices nationwide so that you can compare your practice to industry averages and grow with the times.

meet aaha
meet aaha

Data B. Goode

Need input! More input! With AAHA Benchmarking, Petabyte collects standardized and normalized industry data from over 22 different PIMS, so you can make real-time business decisions based on up-to-date insights.

The most excellent data becomes the most excellent insights. We clean and transform your data to get the freshest facts—and use the same standardized catalog system (rooted in the AAHA chart of accounts) every time, with every PIMS. That way, AAHA Benchmarking can produce accurate insights no matter what decade you’re in.

We built this platform on SPOT scores & setting goals

With all the insights you need accessible from one dashboard, it’s easier than ever to assess, compare, and take action.

SPOT Dashboard

You’ve got data, we’ve got answers. Get a snapshot of how the industry is doing and learn how to assess your practice’s health by exploring four different categories of metrics.

What is SPOT?

Sales revenue

Producer performance


Trends in medicine

meet aaha
your score

Your SPOT Score

Compare your score to the industry average.

your score


Check your score for each individual SPOTlight quadrant. Tap each SPOTlight to see an in-depth dashboard featuring more reports and filters to adjust for what’s most important to you.

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Take on us & we’ll take on you

Ready to take on AAHA Benchmarking?


Choose your Benchmarking level

AAHA Benchmarking Lite

View industry benchmarks and all 16 industry-leading reports.


Only available to AAHA accredited practices & Petabyte users

AAHA Benchmarking+

Connect your PIMS to access your own metrics, grow your business and practice better medicine.

Varied monthly costs

For accredited AAHA members, non-accredited/affiliate members, & non-members

AAHA Benchmarking+


Pop the hood on your own practice and see what makes you tick. Take your insights further with 20+ additional reports so you can grow the know and make it show.

Varied monthly costs

For accredited AAHA members, non-accredited/affiliate members, & non-members


Connect your PIMS

We clean & standardize your data using our web-based proprietary Matcher tool. We treat your data to Petabyte and AAHA standards which means it’s kept secure and never shared with third parties.


Start comparing

Explore insights and take action to make your practice better than ever.

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Power your practice's performance with industry insights. Get AAHA Benchmarking now!