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When AAHA met Petabyte

A passion for data standards, an unwavering commitment to the veterinary industry, and a love for pets—that’s what brought American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and Petabyte Technology together.

Combining AAHA’s industry leadership & Petabyte’s visionary technology, we built a tool to help you check where the industry’s at, assess how you compare, and take action within your own practice. AAHA Benchmarking normalizes PIMS data from practices nationwide and transforms it into actionable information to help you spend your time and money where it matters most.

We’re here to guide you in the next step of your veterinary journey. And, with your help, build a foundation for future vet med generations to practice better medicine, offer better standards of care, and grow their business without working quite as hard.

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Our goals

Make good data accessible and approachable

Good, clean data is at the heart of what we do. Standardizing and normalizing the data in your PIMS minimizes errors and maximizes the opportunity to fill in the gaps financially, operationally, and medically.

Data standards, standardization, and normalization can be confusing & scary concepts tackle on your own. Together with Petabyte and AAHA, you get veterinary software that simplifies things with clear reports & visualizations instead of endless spreadsheets.

Use data to bolster the veterinary community

We know it takes a village to run a veterinary practice. But it should also take a community. We’re all in the business of bettering pet lives. So why not help each other out? Benchmarking uses industry averages to help you make decisions about your own business.

Set data standards as the foundation for the veterinary industry

We’re here to push veterinary medicine forward by using normalized data & good analytics to understand trends, gaps, and next steps.

Not only will this improve how we practice medicine today, but it will set the stage for the future generations of veterinary professionals to raise the bar for standards of care. AAHA Benchmarking is the first step to taking our industry to the next level—together.

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